Why Network Performance Tests?

Empowering the end-user and to help the user to make an educated choice became one of the top priorities in Digital Agenda of the EU. To this end, the Austrian Regulator RTR developed a Network Testing Tool (“RTR Netz Test”) which has gained an impressive track record since its inception 2012. Its main features in a nutshell: this testing tool is in line with BEREC’s relevant requirements and is ready to be used off-the-shelf. It is based on a few important principles, like Crowd Sourcing, supporting desktop and all kind of mobile connections (clients available for iOS and Android), test system based on Open Data & Open Source, no hardware required, no support effort, provides results on a Heatmap and other views. Currently an upgrade is underway providing the test of Net Neutrality parameters. For more details please have a look at the attached presentation provided by SPECURE, the vendor of the test (Specure net test). You’re invited to test your desktop connection at and download your mobile app from the Apple or Android store.