The 6G Ecosystem calls for a new regulatory approach

The emergence of the 6G ecosystem is another tipping point for the policy and regulatory orthodoxy. Against a U.S. backdrop of favorable conditions for innovation, policymakers in Europe must recognize the need to change their analytical and planning structures. Telecom regulators need to break out of their sectoral silos. Fortunately, many are ready to do so, and 6G provides an opportunity. 5G, and even more so 6G, IoT, Cloudification, edge computing, etc. are gamechangers and digital platforms have taken over a growing share of interpersonal communications while most traditional telecom companies have been reduced to just providing connectivity. We are therefore correct when we ask ourselves what we want to regulate and, above all, why. Are we regulating in the right place? By what means? In this chapter, my co-author Paul Timmers and I analyze regulatory developments in Europe, North America and Asia and derive conclusions on how Europe’s competitiveness and innovative strength can be improved with better interlinking of industrial policy, innovation, and regulation.

If you want to look into this matter in more detail, please wait for the book “The Changing World of Mobile Communications – 5G, 6G and the Future of Digital Services”, Palgrave Macmillan, Editors Petri Ahokangas and Annabeth Aagaard, University of Oulu and Aarhus University. Expected publication date is July 2023.