The Brown Bag Lunch Group (BBL)

The Brown Bag Lunch Group (BBL) is a multi-disciplinary, creative network of independent experts, entrepreneurs and academics from the fields of digital policy, regulatory affairs, IT, health, telecommunications and cyber security. Our network is a forum designed to facilitate an ongoing exchange of opinions and ideas on significant developments in the digital space. We are a sounding board for business strategists, innovators and policymakers, providing practical and tangible feedback and advice based on hands-on experience.

We discuss the ways in which the digital and analog worlds influence one another, seeking new strategies that will contribute to the improvement of European society from an economic perspective, as well as modifying our engagement across these platforms.

As knowledge workers, we love to explore new collaboration formats and agile consulting approaches to keep up with ever-accelerating technological advancements. Where appropriate, we will employ AI tools to enhance meeting productivity and to gain practical experience for our individual and collective business activities.

Who we are (listed from left to right):

Photo credit: ©Wolfgang Weber

We meet every Friday online for one hour to discuss things of common interest. We call these gatherings “Brown Bag Lunch”. Once or twice a month we will invite outside speakers to present and discuss a pre-defined topic. You are invited to follow our discussions on our LinkedIn site.